How to make a perfect cocktail in 30 seconds


Bring the bar straight to your home with ShakaCan Ready-to-Shake cocktails!

All you need is a few cubes of ice and a little elbow grease to shake up a perfectly balanced, bar-quality cocktail in just a few seconds. Every ShakaCan RTS cocktail can is the body of a single-use cocktail shaker, complete with all the ingredients expertly mixed in.

The can's full aperture lid allows you to add in some ice, and by attaching and securing our ShakerCan System, you complete the transformation from can to cocktail shaker!

Shake it vigorously for 8-12 seconds, or until you feel that the can is very cold to the touch - that means that the cocktail is properly chilled. Then, just remove the stainless steel JiggerLid to reveal the built-in strainer, and pour out your finished cocktail into your glass!

Now just enjoy your cocktail! Garnishing is optional, but always adds some pizzazz to your drink!