Introducing the biggest innovation to cocktails since the cocktail shaker itself. ShakaCan allows anyone to shake up a premium, bar-quality cocktail in only 30 seconds.

Add ice, Shake and Strain: It's easy as 1-2-3

In 2020 during the COVID pandemic, we saw firsthand that cocktails kept in your fridge just didn't offer the quality that a properly shaken cocktail should. We took it upon ourselves to bring properly shaken, bar-quality cocktails to everyone who wants to shake up some memories.

ShakaCan's patented cocktail system means you don't need to keep our cans in a fridge, taking up space. Instead, we let the ice bring your cocktail down to temperature and bring the flavours to life, the way a cocktail should be!

Did you know, the recommended temperature of a fridge is 4C (40F), while a cocktail should be served between -5C and -7C (23F and 19F). So the next time you see a cocktail advertised that tells you to pour it from the fridge, remember, if that's how it tasted best, bars would have been doing it a long time ago!

Take a look at our full lineup of cocktails and we hope you'll be shaking up some memories with ShakaCan!