Whether you’re a mixologist that knows how to make the perfect cocktail or a regular Joe, the ShakaCan Premium Ready -To-Shake (RTS) Cocktails and the ShakerCan allow you to get a quality cocktail with little effort and zero compromise.

Whether you are hosting friends, meeting family, entertaining clients, or simply relaxing at home, ShakaCan eliminates the need for a grocery list of ingredients and bartender belt of tools.

Our growing variety of Premium RTS Cocktails are perfectly balanced with natural ingredients and premium alcohol by our award-winning, renowned mixologist, Andrew Nicholls. AND our ShakerCan is the only tool necessary for an amazing cocktail at your comfort everywhere, anywhere.


Open the full aperture top of your ShakaCan RTS Cocktail AND fill the can with ice to the shoulder.

Gently push ShakerCan onto can AND twist the black ring closed in a clockwise direction.

Shake the RTS Cocktail vigorously for 10-15 seconds, holding both ends securely.

Remove the stainless steel
top of the ShakerCan AND
strain into a cocktail glass.


Cocktail Shakers  

  • 7000 BC
    • The first evidence of a beverage shaker was found in South America. 
  • 1520 AD
    • Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez found golden cylinder-shaped containers that were used to prepare frothy cacao mixtures.
  • Mid-19th Century
    • According to Stephen Visakay the shaker developed when someone, possibly an innkeeper, came up with the idea of putting the two glasses together, resulting in a cleaner, more thorough mixing of cocktails.  

“Finding that the smaller mouth of one container fitted into another, he held the two together and shook ‘for a bit of a show.’” 

  • 1848
    • The New York Times credits George Foster with the first description of the modern shaker.

“With his shirt sleeves rolled up, and his face in a fiery glow [he] seems to be pulling long ribbons of julep out of a tin cup.”

  • 1862
    • Jerry Thomas wrote the first-ever cocktail book, “How To Mix Drinks.” He instructed his readers to shake their drinks using a cocktail shaker.
  • 1884
    • Edward Hauck patented the three part metal shaker with a built in strainer and little top. This became known as the cobbler shaker.
  • Jazz Age (1920s &1930s)
    • After prohibition the cocktail shakers reached their high point of popularity, appearing in movies, and therefore, gaining association with the glamorous lives of movie stars. Cocktail shakers became the symbol of sophistication and the good life.

Canned Drinks 

  • 1933
    • The American Can Company developed a can that was pressurized and had a special coating to prevent the fizzy beer from chemically reacting with the tin
  • 1935 
    • In partnership with the American Can Company, the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company delivered 2,000 cans of Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream Ale to faithful Krueger drinkers in Richmond, Virginia. 
    • Ninety-one percent of the drinkers approved of the canned beer, driving Krueger to give the green light to further production.
    • By the end of 1935, over 200 million cans had been produced and sold by various companies