Rum Punch

A refreshing ready to drink cocktail with Caribbean rum, lime, sugar, black pepper, sparkling hibiscus flower and strawberry.

The ShakaCan RTD Rum Punch is an original recipe inspired by the various rum punch cocktails found on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. 

William George Rum forms the base of the cocktail as a blend of six rums, four of which come from Jamaica while the other two come from Trinidad and Tobago. 

The rum is mixed with clarified strawberry juice, clarified lime juice, a touch of sugar to balance the acidity, black pepper for a subtle spice element, and a vibrant tea made from dried hibiscus flowers. The combined ingredients are then given a light carbonation before canning. 

All of the fruit juices used in the cocktail come from freshly squeezed fruit sourced from InStock, an Amsterdam company that reduces food waste by rescuing food surplus from stores and markets. 

The final note of the cocktail is a bit of sugar, which is stabilized with grade one natural Acacia Gum.


Enjoy the ShakaCan RTD Rum Punch in a highball glass or the can itself. 

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