Espresso Martini

The original Espresso Martini was created in the 1980s at Fred’s Club in London by the legendary bartender, Dick Bradsell. His original recipe included a blend of two coffee liqueurs, both of which had vanilla and chocolate added to their distinctive coffee base. 

The original blend of flavor is a key element to the Espresso Martini, and it is our goal to maintain it. Therefore, for our ShakaCan RTS Espresso Martini, we chose to source coffee beans that naturally had such chocolate and vanilla notes. 

We selected a natural, unwashed Arabica bean from Rwanda and a natural, unwashed Arabica bean from Kenya. The two beans together create the exact notes needed for the premium quality of Espresso Martini that we aim to bring our consumers. We take great pride in our recipe and blend. We put our beans through multiple extraction techniques, which we then combine to create the final coffee blend. 

The overall quality of our beans is assured by our supplier, Stean’s Beans. A company with an incredible reputation for not only being sustainable but also incredibly powerful in its work to ensure that the coffee farmers and their respective communities in Kenya and Rwanda are empowered, supported, and receive fair pay for their work. In fact, their beans are officially classified as natural coffee, not only because all coffee is natural but because the production process is natural in the way that the community water is used and not wasted on processing the coffee. 

For our alcohol base, we sourced vodka from a local distillery in Amsterdam, where the master distiller puts great care in every step of the process. In fact, the entire process, from milling the grain to fermentation to distillation, all takes place in the same distillery under the watchful eye of the master distiller, assuring a premium product.

To create the perfect foam on the ShakaCan RTS Espresso Martini, we do not add a foaming agent. We simply add grade one Acacia Gum, a natural ingredient that stops sugar from recrystallizing over time, to stabilize the sugar in the drink as well as the foam, but the overall foam created from shaking the cocktail is a result of oils extracted from the coffee itself. 

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