Our Story


SHAKACAN is a premium cocktail concept created to bring you a better drinking experience EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE.

Our goal was to eliminate the need for a grocery list of ingredients and a bartender belt of tools for an amazing cocktail at your comfort. Whether you are at home, traveling, with friends, or just getting off of work, ShakaCan allows for a no muss, no fuss, first-rate cocktail.


As a company, we’ve rethought canned cocktails, cocktail shakers, and how to get quality cocktails to you without compromise. Our industry innovative products redefine the experience of premium cocktails and emphasize convenience, accessibility, and quality.

Our cocktails are created by an award-winning, renowned mixologist, Andrew Nicholls, who uses natural ingredients, real fruit, and antioxidants to make sure each cocktail has a refreshing taste.

Premium RTD (READY-TO-DRINK) Cocktails by ShakaCan

    • perfectly consistent and balanced flavor in every can, ready to be chilled and enjoyed

Premium RTS (READY-TO-SHAKE) Cocktails by ShakaCan

    • fully crafted recipes in full-aperture cans, ready to be shaken with ice and poured into a glass using the ShakerCan

ShakerCan by ShakaCan

    • patented, reusable cocktail shakers for our Premium RTS Cocktails, allowing a standard full-aperture can to become the body of a cocktail shaker


We want to bring change and growing quality to the beverage industry through innovation that can be applied to cocktails EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE.



Innovation is key to our company’s purpose. With a passion for the beverage industry, we are constantly expanding our knowledge on the latest beverage trends to forecast and bring to life new possibilities for our consumers.


Our goal is to bring quality to our product with the best ingredients and recipes.


As a company, we value everyone’s insight and expertise. Whether someone is a full-time employee, consultant, or product partner, we can deliver the highest level of quality through collaboration.


We want to show integrity in creating our product and the actions towards as well as between our employees, customers, and suppliers.