RTD stands for Ready To Drink and is a standard term that refers to any drink that can simply be opened and consumed without having to do anything else.

RTS stands for Ready To Shake and refers to a full aperture canned cocktail that simply needs ice added to it and then shaken using the ShakerCan.

The ShakerCan is a patent pending product that attaches to the top of any full aperture RTS cocktail can, transforming it into a cocktail shaker.

Our cocktails include NATURAL INGREDIENTS. All of the juices in our cocktails are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, we’ve partnered with InStock, a company that reduces food waste by rescuing food surplus from stores and markets.

We use high-quality alcohol from award-winning distillers and blenders. Our rule of thumb is: if the alcohol isn’t good enough to be enjoyed on its own, we won’t use it in our recipes.

Our RTS cocktails include exactly one serving per can, which is exactly 110ml. As the first ready-to-shake cocktails on the market, we’ve made sure there is enough space for our consumers to add ice into the can to have the perfect shake once closed with the ShakerCan.

The ShakerCan was engineered to be fully dishwasher safe. It is easily disassembled into four components: jigger lid, strainer, click-ring, and seal.  Simply place these parts in your dishwasher’s top rack and run a normal cycle.

Shaking the ShakaCan RTS cocktails with ice is essential. The ice not only chills the mixture to the right temperature in order to bring out all the flavors that our mixologists developed but also adds a small amount of dilution to bring it all together in your glass.

We are working on creating non-alcoholic RTS and RTD cocktails for 2022. Our goal is to develop complex mixtures using botanicals and other ingredients to give you a great alcohol-free experience.